Established in 2011, en season restaurant was born out of the desire to promote local, sustainable agriculture and to improve community wellness and quality of life by providing a farm-to-table seasonal dining experience and various programs in collaboration with area businesses and organizations. Located inside Galesburg’s Sustainable Business Center, en season aspires to meet high sustainability standards by sourcing ingredients almost exclusively from community farms and our own organic garden, conserving water, and nurturing green entrepreneurs to, in turn, help rebuild the local economy. Providing lunch and dinner to the public Thursday and Friday and dinner on Saturday, our Executive Chef creates new, fresh dishes each week that join signature menu items made from foods grown by local farms, our garden or the regional cooperative.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide sustainably, locally produced lunch and dinner options at comparable prices to Galesburg and surrounding communities, from the hands and land of those same community members. We also provide a clean, modern kitchen and environment for individuals to learn about eating sustainably and creatively through cooking classes and seminars. We value our environment and strive to significantly reduce the use of plastics in packaging, confined livestock, and the use of pesticides or other unnatural hormones in our food.

Dining Experience

Private Parties & Events

FDA-certified Commercial Kitchen

en season's kitchen is also a shared-use, business incubator available to anyone wishing to produce and/or market a locally fresh product. To sell prepared food to the public, the Food and Drug Administration requires that the product is prepared in a certified commercial kitchen. Our certified kitchen allows you to launch or expand your food business with lowered risks, minimized start-up costs, and access to brand new, state-of-the-art equipment (including a stove, mixers, large stainless steel worktables and storage space). There is a minimum reservation of two hours of kitchen use with a reasonable hourly rate. All ingredients used in the kitchen must engage in environmental protection practices as per en season regulations: no toxic persistent pesticides used in production, non-genetically modified organisms, no fertilizer amendments, and utilize livestock that has been humanely raised with no added hormones or antibiotics. To reserve, please contact Cindy Teel at cindy@sustainablebusinesscenter.com or 309-343-1191.